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5 years ago#1
1) Is it real? is this class REALLY better than any other bowman class?

2) Can someone link me to the site where all the legends nerfs are detailed?
I want to know if its worth to play this class despite the nerfs.

3) Aren't you bumped that her Link Skill (10% EXP and return to Elluel) is not 10% EXP and the recovery skill? I mean, I'd kill to have near infinite HP&MP! Not once i've used a MP pot and my MP never went below 98%, even with constant use of skills. Returning to Elluel isn't as useful... Blah!

4) What's the point of "Dual" Bowguns and "Magic" Arrows?

I thought that by Dual my regular attacks would hit twice, much like Dual Blader. Not that it matters, though, cuz I just use skills, but still...

And I have Infinite Arrows despite not equipping Magic Arrows, so what's their deal? just to have extra potential and make my arrows pretty?
If i'm not mistaken, Potential is exclusive to GMS, so what about KMS? What's their job there?
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5 years ago#2
3, i'd take the rope skill if I had a choice

4, potential isn't gms exclusive
5 years ago#3
1) Yes it's real. Mercs are incredibly strong, but are missing one crucial Archer element: SE. So it really could go either way.



Final Shot: damage has been decreased from 90% to 60%
Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: first arrow now does 75% damage and second arrow does 50% damage
High Kick Demolition: damage has been decreased from 120% to 100%, Charge Drive’s damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 20%
Strike Dualshot: damage has been decreased from 126% to 115%
Unicorn Spike: damage has been decreased from 150% to 140%
Legendary Spear: damage has been decreased from 572% to 520%
Lightning Edge: damage has been decreased from 435% to 405%
Rolling Moonsault: damage has been decreased from 190% to 170%
Advanced Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: first arrow now does 105% damage and second arrow does 70% damage

Final Shot sucks anyways, the DPM decrease from FA isn't too horrible at low levels, High Kick becomes useless anyways, Dualshot nerf isn't too bad, Legendary Spear is mostly helpful for the defense lowering since it's one of the few things a Merc can do for their party, Lightning Edge is one of the last things you max and isn't that great to begin with, Moonsault nerf is pretty unfortunate but 170%x6 is nothing to scoff at, AFA DPM decrease is unfortunate too but oh well.

3) The original effect of Soul Purify was OP, anyways. Would have been nice to have, but ridiculous at the same time.

4) Ultimately, new weapons means more money for Nexon. More crap to scroll and cube, rather than recycle.
5 years ago#4
So basically, her nerf is only on 4th job? Cuz even if i'm truly serious about a char, I will only get to around lvl 100 or so, so the nerfs won't be affecting me at all?

Guess I won't quit this char after 70 after all... :)
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5 years ago#5
OK a few more questions...

What's with the Wild Goose Chase quest? I've been hunting Red Drakes for like 10 min and the scroll doesn't drop...

What's the point of Gust Dive? To use it, u must jump high... same as Leaf Tornado.

It attacks 6 monsters 3 times. Leaf Tornado attacks 8 monsters 4 times.

So if they require the same thing, and one is clearly better than the other, does that mean Gust Dive is last the put points into?
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5 years ago#6
Well...High Kick Demolition (Aerial Barrage in GMS) is your only good combo attack prior to 4th job. It gets replaced instantly at level 120, rendering it almost useless, but until then it's one of your main attacks...

The drop rate for that quest is pretty low. You gotta keep at it.

Gust Drive is meant to push a small group of enemies into a larger group of enemies. In other words, it's generally used right before Rising Rush so you can get a larger group together in one spot. But yeah, it is pretty much the last thing you max, since it does the same job at level 1 vs. level 20 (though the recommended max level is 16 for the skill).
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