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Which Crusader Codex set do you use?

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4 years ago#1
Leafre set (30% pdr ignore, +1 skill levels)

And stats on your codex?

Just +6 for me, but I don't collect cards. Only sets ;_;
4 years ago#2
Silent Crusade set or Dead Mine set.

I lack the patience to tell the difference between the two damage wise atm...(Book is +7)
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4 years ago#3
Currently using the Crusade set since I'm waiting until HT is instanced to fight it.

Mine's +7, but it's not gonna change any time soon. I'm missing Crog (can't get it anyways), HT, PB, and Cygnus/her related summons. In order to get that shiny +8, I'd need to beat PB or Cygnus. One of the two. =/
4 years ago#4
when is HT gonna be instanced?

you mean it's not instanced now? Confused about Zak too. Isn't that instanced right now or not?

PS not worried about +2 stats. Kekeke

Edit: Which world are you in Phainopela? And why wait until it's instanced to fight it?
4 years ago#5
Silent Crusade, +6
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4 years ago#6
It should be some time within the next few months.

Instanced means any number of people can enter in one channel. If I'm understanding it right, and using Zak as an example, it'd mean no more needing to wait on chs 4-7, you can just pick one and go in whenever.

As of right now, Zak is still on a "first come first served" basis.

And I'm in Khaini. I plan to duo with someone so I don't want to deal with trying to plan out when we could go since I'm still not sure if it's fixed. Even with that topic I made.
4 years ago#7
I think Leafre is the best. I'll probably get HTs card within the next few days. I still have to do the DRPQ to finish the set.

I believe the +1 from the set does not go over max level, so I think it's only useful if you leave skills at 19 or 29. This works similar to equipment set bonuses, where the +2 from Empress is not a free* Combat Orders.
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