anyone else not able to load the game?

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4 years ago#1
the past 3 days I've been trying to update Maple so I can log on to my storage characters. Every time I try to run the game it crashes after the Black Cipher thing loads. I've tried re-installing, and doing manual patches for everything but it still crashes at Black Cipher.

anyone else having this problem?
4 years ago#2
My friend has this problem only if they have Skype open. It complains about a firewall. Once she closes Skype it works fine. Don't know if that helps...
sigzy wigzy
4 years ago#3
I don't have anything else running. the computer I'm trying to play on doesn't even have anything installed on it aside from Windows 7. I only use it to play MapleStory. the thing was working perfectly fine until AB was released.

It really sucks not having access to my storage characters.
4 years ago#4
Not sure if it is the same problem you are running into but if anyone is still stuck on the patcher, here is one solution from another website you may want to try:
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El Nido Bow Master
4 years ago#5
I had no problem with the patcher, I think. I mean I never received any error messages. My problem is that after BlackCiph3r loads I get the crash report thingy popping up.

What sucks is that I updated Maple on both my laptop and my desktop at the same time, but only my laptop can access the game.
4 years ago#6
how about anti-virus program?

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4 years ago#7
nope, there is nothing besides MapleStory and Steam installed on this pc. it's a completely fresh Windows 7 install. I tried running Maple with Steam, and I'm getting the same crap. Crash error report right after Black Ciph3r loads.

I've uninstalled, re-downloaded, reinstalled, manually patched everything like 5 times now and it keeps popping up the crash report every time I try to load the game.
4 years ago#8
post on the official forums bro
4 years ago#9
I have. a few others are having the same problem, and the only advice given so far is "Uninstall, re-download, manual patch, it will work", which it does not.

hopefully v127 will make the game work for me.
4 years ago#10
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