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sales cubes CONFIRMED to have lower rates of increasing rank

#1a5ny5Posted 2/12/2013 8:08:22 AM
remember two weeks ago they did a miracle cubes sales, and you could buy it with 90% off even though they specifically said cubes were not included in the 90% discount? obviously they created separated super miracle cubes with LOWER rates than the non-90% discountable ones and forgot to make it not be able to be purchased with 90% off. nexonAM more like nexonSCAM
#2KamiNoSamuraiPosted 2/12/2013 12:13:29 PM
Today I learned that speculation = confirmation.
#3SSj7CloudSPosted 2/12/2013 12:32:04 PM
KamiNoSamurai posted...
Today I learned that speculation = confirmation.

Same, it's good to learn this early isn't it?
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#4Dark Young LinkPosted 2/12/2013 5:02:31 PM
Source? Proof?

I mean cubes are a scam regardless, but you can't say something so exact without proof.
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#5CmaBoyPosted 2/12/2013 10:23:30 PM
Anywhere else, I'd agree that more objective and indisputable proof is needed, but considering this game's track record with hidden probabilities, it's probably safe to assume the worst.

I remember all those hours hunting for Lunar Dews on my non-Warriors before the fix, with everyone insisting on bad luck and not a horribly blatant glitch that should not have even existed in the first place, because "you can't assume without proof". Never again.

Good thing I never buy cubes though.
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#6CHS_RICHPosted 2/12/2013 11:10:03 PM
We do know they can change the success rate of moving up a rank. Not proof that they do but that they can.
#7FrarffyPosted 2/13/2013 12:32:26 PM
They have blatanly changed the rates and even told us about it. There was an event where, if you used cubes during certain times, they even said the rates of increasing rank would go up. So who knows what goes on behind the scenes
#8HowatizerPosted 2/13/2013 4:37:41 PM
So absolutely nothing was confirmed.
Can't say I am surprised with the history of TC and his previous accounts.
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#9GeminiDeusPosted 2/13/2013 5:04:17 PM
Drinking cat urine CONFIRMED to cure erectile dysfunction and add 20 years to your life.
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#10a5ny5(Topic Creator)Posted 2/13/2013 5:59:43 PM
Howatizer posted...
So absolutely nothing was confirmed.
Can't say I am surprised with the history of TC and his previous accounts.

lol this guy comes hating in all my topics and i still dont even know who you were on deme