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4 years ago#1
So, us europe players got hellmode difficulty today. Had a lot of server issues, but a few things we've noticed since it started:

Hellmode is HARD. Mano hits 1500 on my level 15 archer.
Making a character requires a 150 on your main server. The character is then copied (name and visual appearance) onto the supreme server at level 1.
All pots are on a general cooldown, so not being hit is a pain.
Ranged attacks have a base chance to outright miss, while melee combat is generally dangerous.
As you level up, a base multiplier on all your damage/defensive stats gets decreased, making you weaker.
Mob attacks have a 1-2 second cooldown.
Every hour, the hellmode npc will give you 3 wheels of fortune, for all that is worth.

And finally, one important thing:

Every 10 levels gained on supreme, increases the level cap of your linked character by 1. This puts EMS' level cap at 220.

Of course, getting to 200 is going to be an almost impossible quest as it is. Can't wait to try it, though.

I'd upload a video of our struggle against Mano, but youtube is refusing to process the video at the moment. Not sure what else to say, just figured I'd post out an update of what we have here. If you have any questions I'd be willing to answer as best I can :)
Gamertag: Sakori
4 years ago#2
That only just came out today? Thought it had been out for a little longer. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your video, and hope you'll post more as you progress.
El Nido - Xaniara
4 years ago#3
This sounds amazing. Hope GMS gets it, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
A sour note is produced. It's the one Agitation plays to make its audience squirm.
LoL IGN: Tropical Florist
4 years ago#4
The Hell mode server would be great for catching hackers in GMS. I can't actually see myself playing on it for very long, though.
El Nido - Xaniara
4 years ago#5
The video eventually updated, here we go:


Other notes so far:

The game is tinted a slightly different colour, with a demonic boarder on the edge. This gets in the way of boss hp, but I can't see us fighting anything tough soon.

Enemies have three different types of hp bar, red blue or green. The game said this was important, and that certain weapons will be able to defeat certain types of enemies easier. Not been able to see which, yet.

Making the char gives you a medal for 5 att/matt (on your original char).

Data mining from the patch showed a medal which gives 100/100. Requirement of getting to level 200, good luck with that.

When you enter a map, you get 1-2 seconds of dark sight, to stop insta death. Enemies also spawn with a second in which they cannot hurt you, to stop death on their spawn.

Edit: there is also currently only one channel for the server. I hope this isn't intended, as things are rather packed.
Gamertag: Sakori
4 years ago#6
Loving the screen border and the darker tint. I've got to know, though. How much exp do you lose when you die? And I can't even imagine how people will be able to level at level 100+ monsters.
El Nido - Xaniara
4 years ago#7
xp loss is 0 until level 30 over here. Seems that rule has taken over. If I ever make it to 30 I'll let you know!
Gamertag: Sakori
4 years ago#8
I love it. Dear GMS, bring it here.
Guild Wars 2: Jedwardian
4 years ago#9
You may send money from your original character to the hellmode character. At a ratio of 1000 sent to 1 recieved...

Video of random pig slaying in nautilus. The hit rate of ranged attacks is starting to annoy me, but at least I'm not running out of pots from close quarters.

Uploading now, video will be at : http://youtu.be/-WYXZU4yuSY shortly.
Gamertag: Sakori
4 years ago#10
looks like shads are gonna reign supreme in this hard mode
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