So how would one go about selling some NX?

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3 years ago#41
Mardia is the server. And yeah, the cards thing will probably work too (and save me $10 xd).
Guild Wars 2: Jedwardian
3 years ago#42
xd alright, and will you need anything that requires a level 30? I REALLY don't wanna play the game, but you're the boss as to what the NX is spent on, so if I have to I'll get started now xd
Life - Lv61 Dervish / Heroine - Lv70 Champion - DFO
3 years ago#43
As far as I'm reading, nope, it's fine just to have a character. I would offer to do the grunt work anyway (I did for Randy), but I don't know if you're comfortable sharing that account info.

I realized that I'd be buying Canadian steam cards that won't be used in Canada. I'm looking up any restrictions right now and it doesn't seem like there are any, although if there's a problem there then we'll deal with that as it comes.
Guild Wars 2: Jedwardian
3 years ago#44 okay so I finally got around to doing this
3 years ago#45
i ate ann's nx yo

Guild Wars 2: Jedwardian
3 years ago#46
Well, this certainly brings back memories.
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3 years ago#47
Yea I am also trying to sell 110k nx I got from DFOs closure, it's hard dude.
Most forums just close your threads and the selling account forums charge a percent of each sale done via the site so it's kinda really difficult to sell Nx.
3 years ago#48
If she sold her Nx I got 110k here for half price if anyone wants to buy, lemme know.
Idk why my threads get closed yet this ones on page 5..
3 years ago#49
So yea.. I am still selling 110k nx on my account for 40$, please post here or PM me if you want to buy it.
I really don't plan on touching Nexon games anymore and want back some money, sorry for using this thread but mine keep getting deleted.

Here is a picture of the account,
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