Do warriors still need dex to hit things?

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3 years ago#1
Same with dex for Thiefs too I guess, even after coming back, only ever had Dex/Int users as characters, gave up other characters as I didn't want to bother with getting dex equips+go as low dex as I could just in order to stay competitive...
3 years ago#2
Everything in STR for Warriors, just use auto-assign
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3 years ago#3
The accuracy system was revamped a couple years ago, where hitting an enemy depends on your own level and the enemies' level, which is a 2% miss rate for every level difference between the two. Secondary stats are not needed at all anymore, not even for equipment. Secondary stat removal occurred just at the end of last year.
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3 years ago#4
Secondary stats only boost your range by a minuscule amount. The most you should ever put in it is the hyper skill point (unless you want more jump/demon force [if you're a DS]/speed/defense/magic defense) and the extra points after 195 iirc. If you're not pure stat you either must wait until the 190s to catch up to others, restart (if you have more than 23 *ap resets are in the coin shop atm get it now or you're toast), or wait for a hot time to give out an ap reset.
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