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Why IS Kaiser so overpowered in GMS, anyway?

#1TwilightRaverPosted 7/11/2013 8:48:49 AM
I have not heard of them being this strong in KMS. What'd GMS do to them?
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#2ZeekfoxPosted 7/11/2013 9:17:17 AM
I think it may just be the fact that KMS Kaiser cannot use Wingbeat while transformed. Their single target DPS actually drops if they transform because of it. We have a transformed version of Wingbeat in GMS though, so we can transform and get the attack, speed, and crit bonuses while using it.
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#3supergodinezPosted 7/11/2013 2:28:52 PM
^ That. Transformed Kaisers in KMS are deprived of Wingbeat, which is just plain dumb since it's pretty much 30% of our total damage if not more.
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