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Fellow adventurers, now that RED is over, what did you think about the changes?

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2 years ago#1
I was fairly skeptical at first, but after having some time to look over the skills and watching a few vids of f/ps in kms post patch, I've warmed up to them.


magic armor is now passive and should boost our defense more
mp boost now gives +120 mp per character level, which should be a nice mp advantage for us old mages
teleport now has a 275 vertical range and is now first job
magic booster I think it now boosts our speed faster than before
elemental drain/fervent drain gives us another conditional damage boost
ignite gives us free dot from using fire skills
mana burn gives us another conditional damage boost and lets us further deplete monster mp
elemental adapting gives us a shield against status effects, hopefully making it easier for us to boss
teleport mastery now lets us do fire damage and dot
meteor shower now does +35% more damage per line and does 2 more lines as well as giving us a final attack like skill while it's on cooldown
paralyze now does +61% more damage per line
ifrit now gives us 70% mastery
flame haze is a new attack that does dot and also drops a mist for erupting and loses it's cooldown if you use eruption
mist eruption cooldwon reduce goes from -50% to -100% allowing us to erupt a huge amount more than before


teleport we lose 10 range on our horizontal teleports and can't use it while flying against dragonoir and any possible future flying bosses
ignite dot does not activate elemental drain or count for mist eruption, unless they've since changed it
slime virus has a 60 second cooldown and doesn't seem that reliable for dot stacking at bosses
poison mist damage, dot, and dot duration were all nerfed
ifrit wasn't made any better, just given a new graphic
we also lost two reliable dot attacks in fire demon and big bang

All in all, it was a nice boost for f/p mages. Throwing teleport into my regular mix of attacks agains bosses for dot stacking is gonna be weird at first, but hopefully it's not too bad. I'm fairly certain our new booster is an improvement. If ignite works with elemental drain and eruption, I'm going to be even happier with this update than I was before.
2 years ago#2
Forgot to mention that elemental amplification will affect dot after RED as well, so that's pretty nice too.
2 years ago#3
Honestly I disliked it. They shouldn't have nerfed anything. That is to say, how many times have they nerfed a skill only to release a new class with the same skill but faster & stronger than the original. Seems to be a repetitive and useless cycle for people who claim to want balance
2 years ago#4
Battleship still looks dum. I would switch back to sair in a heartbeat if they gib back nice boat.
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  3. Fellow adventurers, now that RED is over, what did you think about the changes?

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