Starting again or six year hiatus.

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User Info: C_T_T_E

3 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'm kinda interested in this game again. I remember back then when Tiger was rank one for being highest level. I stopped playing when Lego town and the under water town was introduce. I was in Khaina(?) but lost my info so I'll start fresh.

Any recommendation for which class to choose? I don't have any starting funds but that'll make it fun and challenging so I'll enjoy it. Also which server?

Also I remember or were the top go to sites for guides and monster descriptions on item drops and health/exp ratio. What's the site(s) now for tips and tricks?

User Info: basakboy

3 years ago#2
create a character that doesn't need mastery books.

consult this:
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User Info: MegaSlush

3 years ago#3
I'd start with a Cygnus Knight. They don't need books, and if you don't like them, you'll at least have Cygnus Blessing for the rest of your characters.

I started my account with a WB. Seems fun, but archers aren't really my type.
Trying a thunder breaker now (as a main character). Seems fun, but training in 3rd job is hell.
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