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Bishop guide?

#1MangekyouXPosted 8/5/2014 7:19:54 PM
I haven't played in well over a year. I believe I was around level 130. I am considering getting back into it. Is there a somewhat recent guide for bishops? (Do bishops ever exist? haha) Does anyone even use bishops anymore?
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#2dumpling321Posted 8/5/2014 7:24:18 PM
eh, bishops are easy... you literally max everything but holy arrow and shining ray
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#3GeminiDeusPosted 8/5/2014 7:44:43 PM
As dumpling said, that's just what you do. For future reference, try for guidance. There may be a couple builds that are out of date, but they're mostly unpopular classes, like Jett.

Link for the Bishop guide specifically here
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#4xbombrPosted 8/10/2014 7:11:43 PM
Bishops are still around, still wanted for HS, and have gotten a pretty significant boost in power with their hypers and the explorer revamp.

Also since you're 130, if you get to like 145-ish, mp3 is 155 mobs now, so you can go grind there again to like 160 or so. You don't even need funding to 1 shot stuff there.
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