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Assassin nowadays

#11D4mnYouSir(Topic Creator)Posted 8/19/2014 1:13:04 PM
azn_riza_000 posted...
They've been revamping the Cygnus Knights so they go to lvl 250 just like every other class. Dawn Warrior, Wind Archer and Thunder Breaker have already received a revamp in GMS, now we're just waiting on the NW and BW revamps.

That's great! I heard the patch would hit GMS perhaps nov/dec, does EMS get patches at the same time?
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#12GeminiDeusPosted 8/19/2014 3:44:12 PM
EMS gets patches weirdly. They used to be really really far behind GMS, but at one point, they started getting patches before GMS. I don't know how off their patches are now. We can only guess when GMS gets the Night Walker and Blaze Wizard revamps, as they're normally a 6 month difference from KMS and KMS got theirs in May. However, TaiwonMS got their Zen (our Jett) revamp in May and we of course already got Jett revamp, including completely new and different skins for attacks from Zen's skins. BW/NW revamps are just about the next biggest update we'll be receiving, and KMS hasn't been doing much new content since their revamps, so we can expect a lot of filler patches that don't include a lot of new and exciting things between now, their revamp, and afterward.
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