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What's the point of the 160+ area in the Monster park if you can't use it? (Archived)FamedMimicGogo17/19/2014
Luminous items after 160? (Archived)PiCaYuNeSyZyGy27/19/2014
Maplestory Korea and Frozen (Archived)Phantom_Epros47/18/2014
Haven't played in 8~ years... (Archived)BlueOak27/18/2014
Small mini guide? (Archived)
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***Some You May Not Know about the Cyclops lvl 3 upgrade*** (Archived)SilentNinjaKij57/15/2014
Update notes for v.151, Echoes of Darkness are up now. (Archived)
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I wanna get a list together of all the classes ever released in order (Archived)
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Where are some of the best places for low DEF characters to train in 4th job? (Archived)pikamemnon17/11/2014
What nexon should do for the black mage fight when it does come out (Archived)KaosMKVIII47/10/2014
Crossbows requirements. (Archived)rsp1847/9/2014
Geting back into the game with a few questions (Archived)Xorital97/8/2014
This game no longer makes sense to me. (Archived)Horribren77/8/2014
Eunwol Release Confirmed for the second week of July (Gonj) (Archived)
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Are we still using the barter board? (Archived)GuideToTheDark57/4/2014
Is there any way I can level that doesn't involve training? (Archived)
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Just started playing after a few years... (Archived)
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Sun and Sand (Archived)Nitan36/28/2014
Getting into the game again after a few years. (Archived)why bacon me46/27/2014
does anyone play this? (Archived)KaosMKVIII76/26/2014
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