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7 years ago#1
I've figure out ' the rules' how to open the box.but it won't work at all......this make me so confused.everything has been done but there's no progress at all...can anyone help me????maybe I should click the animal from north till west?counter clockwise or what??maybe there's some detail that I've missed..........heeelllpppp.........please......
7 years ago#2
For the box to open, you should have -

Lynx - all metal showing, it's completely closed
Lion - metal crescent on right side and the rest is Red
Rabbit - left half of circle is metal and the rest is Green
Fish - metal crescent on the left side and the rest is Blue
Dragon - no metal showing and circle is Red

When I say left or right, it is your left or right side that I mean because you are looking at the box with the same perspective as Nancy.
7 years ago#3
great!!!it works.....I've made a mistake with the crescent moon... So now I can opened the box.thanks a lot!!But now I'm in trouble finding all of the thirteen ghost at the manor...I've search all the corner at the manor and I'm only found eleven ghost there....??can u help me again with this myster_nut???I really really need ur help.....can u give me hints for this things???need more specific information where's the location of all the ghost....I'm having much trouble at the conservatory room.Is there any chance that the ghost is more than 2 in there??cause I've only see 2.......please heellpp....
7 years ago#4
I have a feeling I know exactly where your missing ghosts are located - there are only 2 in the conservatory, there are 4 in the great room (the room with the pillars), there are 4 upstairs and there are THREE in that little hallway where you see the note on the kitchen door!

One of the 3 is fairly obvious - it's almost in the middle between the two doors and on the wall opposite the doors. The other two are not as obvious because you have to go all the way down to the ends of the hall - all the way to the cricket trophy and all the way to the picture on the other end - then turn around for them to be where you can see them.

On the trophy end of the hall look to the left after you turn around, and on the picture end of the hall look to the right after you turn around.
7 years ago#5
Yup!!thanks again myster_nut>I've collected the thirteen ghost over I've opened the six pillar in the hall and I've found six red pipes inside each pillar.What am I supposed to do with it?Rotate them until they're connected?but how??Can u describe it more clearly to me??cause I've tried many times to rotate each pipes but nothing happens...Can u draw it for me or something more specific....please....I'm sure u can help me again this time.....
7 years ago#6
There are six pillars - the four corner pillars all have L - shaped pipes in them, and they all need to be rotated so that the short end of the L is pointed toward the center pillar that is between them.

The center pillars have T - shaped pipes and one of them has a turn valve on it. They need to be turned so that the one with the turn valve has the valve on top and the other one looks just like a T with an open end pointed in the direction of the corner pillars on each side and the other open end pointed down.

Drawing anything on this message board is not easy, but it should look something like this -

Pillars on Conservatory side of great room -

_ . . . . . Valve . . . . . _
| . . . . . . . . |. . . . . . . . . |

Pillars on Library side of great room -
_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _
| . . . . . . . . T . . . . . . . . |
7 years ago#7
great...thanks 4 the drawing...eventually I've been tried again by guessing and it works...but thanks to u anyway.....u have been such a good helper to me........
7 years ago#8
I've finished the blackmoor manor now...but one thing that still bugging me until now is I have not finished the 'danger on deception island' awful don't u think?Is there any other walkthrough that I can use because I was so close but I think I miss something but what??I have played 2 times from the beginning and it was the same problem that I can go inside the Whale's world...and I did'nt see any heering fish melted from the box>>>can u help me 'again' please???
7 years ago#9
I will try to help you get through Deception Island, but you will have to give me time. If you remember I told you in one of my posts that my computer had gone down and I lost all my save games, it's also been a while since I played the game - when I got my computer up and running, I didn't even re-install the game because I had already beaten it and moved on to other games, so, to help you, I will need to re-play the game and get re-acquainted with it and get some save games so that I can get in and check things that you may have a problem with.

My weekend off from work is in the middle of the week (in a couple of days), so I will try to do it then if nothing comes up to interrupt me. When I've finished the game, I will post a message on the Deception Island board to let you know - if I get lucky, I may even figure out what it was you may have missed that is keeping you out of Whale World.
7 years ago#10
Go to Deception Island board...

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