just bought yesterday.

#1PSOGuy25Posted 7/23/2008 8:55:46 AM
i have to say the only level i have successfully completed is the 300mi level on mission mode, and levels A and B of the 100mi levels on time attack mode. i had no idea it could become so complicated when the whole screen turns 90 degrees.

im currently stuck on the 500mi (japan) on mission mode, i get so close and then i kick the bucket, either by being squashed or losing air. is it recommended to play the game w/out items the first time through for scoring, or do you recommend buying the items from the shop to help complete the levels, even though you dont get scored for it. can you still get the other characters if you complete a level using shop items?
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#2VaeranPosted 7/31/2008 12:05:13 PM
If you're having a hard time then yes, use items. Items only prevent your high score from being recorded, not which characters you recruit.