Which MSGundam game to choose?

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6 years ago#1
Until now I only played Battle Assault 3 and Generation Wars, how can I compare this one with Encounters in Space or Seed Never Ending? They have the same gameplay scheme or something like that and the history season change only ? Anything helps, I`m a little lazy to search for videos,images etc, but am sure to get one of these, just dont know which , thanks in advance.
6 years ago#2
The Vs. series isn't like Encounters in Space or Seed: NET at all. I only played SEED a bit and didn't like it, so I can't really comment. EiS is probably my favorite US Gundam game (favorite game is Climax U.C. which is like the free roam parts of Encounters only with mostly land battles), it's half on rails and half free range space battle. The on-rails is kinda "Star Fox with Gundams" while the other half can best be compared to a slow A.C.E. or Zone of the Enders.

The Vs. series are fast paced arcade style games. The games in the series include Federation vs Zeon, this, Renpou vs. ZAFT 1 and 2, and Gundam Assault Survive, among others. They are pretty fun, and I loved this one in particular for its extensive History mode.

If I were to choose one I'd go with Encounters, but I'm a bit biased. This game probably has much longer replay value due to just how LONG the history mode is.

Also, if you have friends to play with, this pegs out slightly over EiS.

And if you like importing, Climax U.C. is awesome and severely underrated.
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6 years ago#3
I'm really interested in Climax , since I saw a video months ago , but the only information I got is all japanese and my knowledge in hiras and katas is very limited, I borrowed from a friend 00 meisters and RENGOU ZAFT I , 00 was way too repetitive but Rengou was awesome, yesterday I got encounters in space , and now looking forward for Gundam vs Zeta and Climax U.C, just ain't sure to import cuz and don't know NOTHING about it , if you could tell some matters it would help cause its board is dead , thanks
6 years ago#4
I only barely know hiragana and katakana and can get through Climax just fine, The main menu is in English, and only the dialogue and mission objectives are in Japanese. The objective is always "destroy this" or "survive", so it's not needed. Also, the skill selection is Japanese, but each pilot gets a unique one and each suit gets one. You'll learn them eventually just by trial and error.

Also, in Progress Mode, all stats and special skills are in Japanese. There's a nice guide on the FAQs page of the game that tells you which stat is what as well as descriptions for each skill.

The MS list is also in English, so it's not hard to get used to.

The only thing you MIGHT not be aware of at first glance is that you attack by charging the attack button. So, for instance, to use the Hyaku Shiki's mega cannon, you have to charge until the bar at the bottom is red. For maximum damage, let go right when it 'ticks'. There's no changing weapons. You have your main weapon with 3 attacks (may be a different weapon depending on how long it's charged. For instance Bernie's Zaku has machine gun for level 1 and cracker bombs for 2 and 3, IIRC). You also have a sub weapon, usually vulcan cannons or something weak like that, and of course a melee button. Melee can be pressed or charged as well, but only to 1 level.

If this sounds confusing at all, it's really not. I was actually considering making a Let's Play of it, since it's easy to play without Japanese knowledge, is fun as hell, and you don't really need to be a Gundam fanboy to enjoy it.

Oh, and GvZG is pretty much a slower Rengou vs ZAFT, only in with a US release. I like the SEED ones better (even though I hate the series SEED), but this one's worth it if not just for the awesome Universal Century mode! I'm sure SEED's story mode is good, but I know pretty much no kanji so I can't enjoy it.
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