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User Info: TwilightAeon13

4 years ago#71
Added Mulg. Many thanks, will start working on the 7 now, since I'm a night person I got lots of time.

Actually I gotta first get rid of this infernal interference on my DS so the codes aren't grayed out, thankfully I know why they are. But once I've done that shouldn't be long until I start being random once more.

Edit: Ok, so even looking through everything here I have no real clue how to fix it. :(

*looks forward to the secrets, happily drooling*
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User Info: bandiandi

4 years ago#72
I started playing again and need the onion knight Please send me some mail. 4900-3423-3862. Thanks.

User Info: Luxnight

4 years ago#73
I had to reset my code, so here's a new one.

4771 5011 7010

Care to help me get the Onion Knight? :3

User Info: zhaoyun123456

4 years ago#74
Hi, I just gotten a vita and bought this game. How to see your friend code? Also how to send letters to your friend inside the game. I spoke to the moggle but it doesn't have an option of sending letters.

Sven the Rogueknight

User Info: Mulg

4 years ago#75
bandiandi and Luxnight, I added you.

Add me with 3354-1600-4752

User Info: def1eppard

4 years ago#76
My code is 1034-8896-2179.

Mulg, bandiandi, and Luxnight: I have added you. Anyone who posts after me, feel free to add me and I will add you back. I really want to get this done.

User Info: RandyNotaLoca

4 years ago#77
Finally back when I was playing this game I couldn't do this because this forum was dead.

Now I only need to send 7 letters but you don't have to read them or what sup? Sorry I was just browsing the DS forum and saw that Final Fantasy III was in the top 10 active forum, well not anymore, and saw this thread and I was like, "YESSS!!!!" now I can finally beat this game 100%.

Here is my FC, 0605-3935-6284. I will added everyone from this page and the previous one so please added me as well.
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User Info: TwilightAeon13

4 years ago#78
Just now noticed and added you Rand, if you did in fact get mine. I've already completed sending out the 7 but it'll be nice to see what random things I get from other people.
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User Info: Gadarvy

4 years ago#79
Hello there fellow RPG's,

Finally got my internet connections up and running and I am looking for some friend codes. I alrdy wrote down a few codes but as they say the more codes the beter ;-).

I could still use a few more codes, I have looked at some older codes and the dates they displayed, males me not sure if I want to write them down. I would rather use codes that are posted only as far back as a week.

Here is my friend code as well :3912-5200-5022

Take care everyone and good gaming!!

User Info: democlis

4 years ago#80
Added the 28 newest codes (started on the last page and went down till i reached the FC limit in the game) on this list but they are ALL gray, anyone know why?
I need help getting all the bonus content in the game, INCLUDINGthe jopb mastery ones hehehehe :-)

My FC is: 3268-2752-1364
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