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4 years ago#1
I need some help getting my onion job. Here is my code 4857-5317-1217
DP Friend Code:446906223098 Name:Alex
4 years ago#2
My friend code is: 0090 1186 7185

I will add yours & you will need to add mine,

4 years ago#3
I've got you added I just can't send you anything for some reason.
4 years ago#4
I added both of you my friend code is 404149098622. Once you add me go to Moghouse and select faraway friends that should allow us to send mail to each other.
Benefit Evil is a fund raising event for Child's Play. Our mission is to eradicate zombies and share a few laughs. Thursday November 29th @
4 years ago#5
I have you added, but everyone is still showing up gray. I bought this game used, so it may be synced to another DS, in which case I may be out of luck.
4 years ago#6
Rutherf8 your number is no longer showing up grey and I was able to send you mail. As for Benefitevil, your name is showing up grey and I can't send you mail.
4 years ago#7
Got it and replied!
4 years ago#8
I'd like to get in on this also. My FC is 0605-5224-3791. Since DS only likes WEP, I have to use another router remotely, so shoot me an email ( with your codes if you add me, and i'll get back w/ you w/in a few hours to a day. Thanks in advance, it's not much to play FF3 w/o the Onion Knight!
4 years ago#9
Thank you for posting your friend codes, I have added them as well. My friend code is 339725887628. I will send you all mail the moment I figure out how.
4 years ago#10
my code is 301027144820

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