I like my jobs, see no reason to change (perhaps minor spoilers)

#11LBokshaPosted 1/26/2013 11:50:58 AM
Ay, bad choice going with the sage. Devouts are completely superior due to how useless black magic and black/white summons are. Also I figure geomancers would be a pain in the final boss fight since you can't pick what target you attack. Taking out the rightmost target is pretty much a must, especially if you have characters in your party that are weak to magic (like a warrior), so it'd probably be best to have the geo do nothing until you stop getting lightning'd every single turn.
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I summoned the will to go back and do it again. I ground 5 more levels at Bahamut's Lair, went and beat the last boss with swiftness.

Thanks, everybody.
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