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3 years ago#11
Just got stuck in a battle, give me a few minutes, please. And thank you.
3 years ago#12
Darb, I added you, but as many people have been having the same problem, you are still grayed out. Do you know how to fix that?
3 years ago#13
why doesn't it work when I try to send mail? the FCs are grey and I can't click on them
3 years ago#14
added a few of you and they are all greyed out but here is my code: 206586396262
3 years ago#15
do we have to be on FFIII at the same time to send mail to each other? if so this might be tricky...
3 years ago#16
If any of you still need help, I've completed the needed mail, but my FC is 3826 7888 9264
3 years ago#17
I am in need of someone's friend code, too. Mine is as follows:


Let me know if I can add someone. I will likely add the codes that are posted already. Thanks.
3 years ago#18
I'm gonna need help with this too.

My FC is 5415 9367 4706

But I probably won't be able to check it until Friday.
3 years ago#19
Could someone add me and give there friend code also, I would appreciate the help very much

Friend code : 1206-8733-3246
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