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Just started .... Questions (Spoilers possible) (Archived)
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Thief=Fast melee class, nuff said... (Archived)icy95965/18/2014
In need of EU friend codes. (Archived)OmegaSlasher95/18/2014
What are the 4 end-game jobs worth leveling really high? (Archived)jreeds2675/12/2014
Is there a way to caste haste, protect, etc on entire team? (Archived)jreeds2625/12/2014
3DS Compatibility (Archived)Traitor_Kratos35/10/2014
Help on job classes? (Archived)jreeds2625/7/2014
Can unlocking through Mognet be done locally? (Archived)Wheels205034/28/2014
Magus or Summoner for Post game boss? (Archived)
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Possible method of getting multiple Gungnirs. Does this work? (possible spoilers (Archived)gamerman5774/21/2014
Thief really, really sucks (Archived)
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When should I start grinding in the ??? Dungeon? (Archived)gamerman5744/20/2014
Friend code required to send messages locally? (Archived)markedman5424/10/2014
Exp stacking (Archived)superyoodle84/10/2014
Europe Friend Codes (Archived)
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I've killed my own soul (Archived)Wishaal94/5/2014
How can you tell if you sent enough letters over WFC? (Archived)gamerman5714/2/2014
I just finished the Crystal Tower. Am I ready for the next part? (Archived)gamerman5764/1/2014
How exactly does Throw work? What about weapons like the Moonring Blade? (Archived)gamerman5723/30/2014
I'm in need of serious assistance (Archived)tobler323/30/2014
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