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Would they game be better or worse if... (spoilers) (Archived)Mustavus12/13 9:09AM
Do console commands disable steam achievements? (Archived)VexedForest212/15 6:55PM
Differences between console and PC versions? (Archived)Valkyriareaper127/26/2014
So I beat Bioshock. for the first time (Archived)red25526/8/2014
Bioshock won't run anymore after some time (Archived)dullian312/14/2013
bioshock not working (Archived)Orumov8888112/14/2013
Need Help (Archived)EvolutionBaby211/27/2013
There should be a controls update to this... (Archived)KainDjinn18/24/2013
How to make 2nd Little Sister appear? (Archived)Lambskin18/10/2013
If you want or wanna trade... (Archived)SoulScare17/16/2013
New, Easier Way to Access the Extra Little Sister in the Farmer's Market (Archived)in_depth16/29/2013
This Game HAs GREAT Atmosphere (Archived)genlock15/25/2013
Can't move after *spoilers... but not really. Everyone knows* (Archived)longinius225/1/2013
What would be the equivalent graphic settings for the 360 version? (Archived)o___Okami14/28/2013
Absolutely horrible gameplay. (Archived)Bellum_Sacrum34/24/2013
Stuck on first Little Sister. (Archived)alberach0114/16/2013
I want Lutece-centric DLC (Archived)gughunter24/16/2013
Do all the enemies still have health bars above their heads? (Archived)TheWayOfTheGun34/14/2013
This game is another reality in the Bioshock universe. (Archived)zeroakuma44/14/2013
Well, I bought the bundle, but I'm saving it for later. (Archived)BlueFlameBat34/4/2013
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