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User Info: MummerJuice

9 years ago#1
in the name of the Halo 3 social board. If anyone wants to fight us for it declare yourselves NAO. You will have to fight me and my army of....people. HUZZAH! HUZZAH!
Starscream. What a bad ass

User Info: mutant_vermin

9 years ago#2
I am freedom fighter from sovereign nation of Somalia! I am here to fight for glory of H3SB against infidel army! For 40 virgins! Durka durka mohammed jihad!
If I smoke weed, then you smoke sausage. I'm not talking about the breakfast meat either.- COOLZGUY03

User Info: getmemygun

9 years ago#3
Karma loss so far: 168

User Info: wraithcraid

9 years ago#4
seems like a good spot

User Info: MummerJuice

9 years ago#5
Yeah. it's empty. No-one has ever posted here except us.
Starscream. What a bad ass

User Info: mastermetroid61

9 years ago#6
Me n mai hoes are comin to take over.
I am so smart! S-M-R-T!I am so smart! S-M-R-T! pimp name: Funk Master Mitchell Flex

User Info: Kazer_Tazer

9 years ago#7
Durka durka mohammed jihad!

i lol'd
Gamertag: Kazer Tazer
Rules 1 and 2 of the H3SB, learn them

User Info: Loki_Evl

9 years ago#8
Present. =D
"Dude, your name is "Dark Sephiroth" " - Goonka

User Info: TwoStrikes94

9 years ago#9
board sucks.

(the h3sb social board that is)
GT - Raine Maida,Let it Raine

User Info: fancyb

9 years ago#10
I claim this board in the name of fancyb nation!

l*** Fancyb **********l_
l**** Nation *********** l_
l** Will dominate ** ***_ l
l** secret boards!** _ l
l****************** _l
Member of Team Invincible Blast. Rescuer Code:15QJ+X
Rescue in 9999999999999999999999999 hours or less!
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