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All Fatalities/Multalities/Brutalities Video (Archived)Life And Death13/4/2014
I unlocked all the secrets in this game by myself! (Archived)STN7938/10/2012
this should go on psn/xbla (Archived)jk4life249/29/2011
why does it go hooptie in a high pitch voice randomly? (Archived)BuzzY-00148/19/2011
I can't find Mortal Kombat II after i completed the Smoke missions?? (Archived)Nicoj2528/7/2011
Why is everyone almost impossible to beat on MK2? (Archived)jkilla77738/1/2011
PS3 jitter (Archived)Vodoochild8155/26/2011
Does any body know how to perform the roll combo in shaolin monks? (Archived)Yellowman253/21/2011
Can you fight Smoke in MK2? (Archived)TEBellant13/11/2011
So the strangest thing happened. (Archived)Myertch_Aileron110/12/2010
Is it possible to unlock all the secrets in single player mode? (Archived)DarkBlood1710/6/2010
Whats the best way to build the characters? (Archived)danny boyx29/14/2010
Picture Question (Archived)xjericho18/19/2010
% complete? (Archived)wykdjester27/11/2010
Does selecting Kung Lao.. (Archived)G1zzy36/22/2010
***Read before posting topic*** (contains SPOILERS) (Archived)
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They should ditch making MK fighting games... (Archived)Jimrayaxe86/9/2010
Noob Saibot (Archived)kuramarosewhip126/7/2010
Baraka fight help! (Archived)ESGmaster24/17/2010
Survival mode in 2 players mode. (Archived)legend_armlet32/21/2010
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