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Random Escape Times..? (Archived)Seika-sama15/25 10:06PM
UMD won't load after 1st save point (Archived)VTFox3425/24 11:18AM
normal or hard? (Archived)lunajenny25/23 3:05PM
How / Place to play this game? (Archived)DeaWaNNa35/9 6:20AM
Save game region change (Archived)Vitoner15/8 10:26AM
so is this still a good game retrospectively... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
mrdemeanor504/13 2:21PM
Experiment 124(Spoilers) (Archived)rouge8777314/6 6:54AM
The squats - How do hit 68? (Archived)Sailor_Razor21/28 2:30PM
I dont get it.... (Archived)T0mmyt3abag51/26 8:56PM
A Bit Of Confusion (Archived)birthright3121/19 7:22AM
If you want to be a Hero, you need to have dreams... and honor (In Japan?) (Archived)noble banana31/9 1:35AM
PSP won't play this UMD... (Archived)pligot61/8 5:13AM
Crisis Core Was Actually Censored In The West (Minerva's Statue - SPOILERS) (Archived)Dan_Dan_91_0721/6 4:30PM
Was the training room sabotaged? (Archived)xdiesp6612/25 8:50PM
You know what the sad part of this game is *spoilers* (Archived)Vikilla4V712/20 9:21AM
dmw memories english transcript or videos? (Archived)BoswerLK112/12 2:05AM
Hard mode: to LLG, or not to LLG! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Flanteus1412/7 1:23AM
How do you transfer high bonuses from Materia to Ultimate/Punch class? (Archived)WhiteKagutsuchi310/13 3:10PM
Gonna replay this game ^__^ . 6 years is such a long time V__V ... any heads up? (Archived)saspa19/22/2014
oh God why... (Archived)
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