#1ThaYoostPosted 1/23/2008 11:04:20 PM
So I often get confused in FF games what vitality is about. What does this stat do?

Also, I've got two accesories where I have my vitality +40 (*2=+80) and I seem to be getting lots of "heavenly" DMW. are they related?

#2KlarcPosted 1/24/2008 2:16:20 AM
Vitality is linked to Defense and Status change duration. Zack will shrug off most status changes (of course Death and Stop not included) in a few seconds when he has 255 Vit.

As far as I know, having high Vit and having a Heavenly DMW aren't related, cuz I've had a 255 Vit for awhile now, and I see my DMW at low most of the time. You might've hit Shi-zune a few times, because it's what her DMW does.


PS. I can't believe "S-h-i-z" is banned here.