6 Wutai Spies

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User Info: godamit

8 years ago#1
In Chapter 7 or 8 (forget which one), you have to go collecting those materials for the flower wagon. Well, I've done that, and while searching I spoke to a guard, and he wants me to find 6 Wutai Spies around the place. Can somebody please give me directions to finding all 6? I have the 1st and 2nd (I think), so you can skip those.

Thanks to anybody who knows =)

User Info: rezzah

8 years ago#2
I can't remember the order you have to find them so what you can do is look for your answer in one of the 2 walk-throughs in FAQ. Just look for the heading Chapter 7 or 8.
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User Info: grey_force-420

8 years ago#3
there is 1 in the park (sector 5 slums, dressed as the little boy), 2 in the shinra building (1 exits the right elevator, the other is in the exhibit room (hes an employee)), 1 near the fountain ( the girl talking to the guy up the steps), 1 in loveless avenue ( running in front of the guy standing next to the truck), 1 standing near the door leading to the slums area that goes to the slums park (hes dressed as the guard).

I forget the exact order tho.
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User Info: godamit

8 years ago#4
rezzah, I checked both guides, before I posted this topic, i didn't find info in them, so I asked here, and grey force, thanks for the locations, doesn't matter if you forgot the order, I'll just check all of them until I find the correct one for each.

User Info: AndrewVuxD

8 years ago#5
You must talk to them three times
1st Wutai Spy: There is a man on the Northwest side of Loveless street.
2nd Wutai Spy: There is a Shinra Soldier at Slum Market of Sector 5.
3rd Wutai Spy: In Shinra HQ, climb the stairs to the 2nd floor and talk to the man who pops out the elevator three times.
4th Wutai Spy: There is a woman at the top of the stairs in fountain area.
5th Wutai Spy: In the Shinra Exhibition Room, talk to the dark skinned man.
6th Wutai Spy: Talk to the boy in the Slum Street (east).
Why: To unlock Missions 6-2-1 through 6-2-6.

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