Aerith's Affection responses guide. (spoilers)

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8 years ago#1
So I took the time to actually find and write out the different responses Aerith gives based on affection. You're welcome.

If anyone would like to use the information in this guide for their own, or add to this, then you are encouraged to do so.

I didn't get all the different responses for the people-watching game because in my first attempts he didn't say anything.
You may have to trade him Potions to get any scene at all. In any case, the best conversation is included.

I went ahead and threw in her responses to the materia game even though they don't seem to be influenced at all by
affection, only how well you did.


There's a different response for each combination of affection and perfume quality.
(Zack always says the same thing regardless of affection, but Aerith's lines differ.)

Z: Aerith, this is for you. I hope you like it.
A: Oh, thank you! I wonder what kind of scent it is!
A: Zack...
Did I do something to make you upset?
Z: That didn't go very well...

A: Hm, it smells pretty good, I guess.
Z: You're welcome.
I guess that's an okay result...

A: Oh...that smells really nice!
Thank you, Zack.
Z: Hey, she's pretty into it!

A: You made this, right?
It smells wonderful...
Z: All right!
Does this mean you really like it?
A: Yeah.
You're very talented, Zack.
Z: Y-yeah?
Well...I hope you enjoy it!

A:It's a very unique scent...
Z: That didn't go very well...

A: Thank you, Zack. smells better than I expected.
Z: You're welcome.
I guess that's an okay result...

A: It smells really good.
I didn't know you could make perfume!
Z: Hey, she's pretty into it!

A: just smells sooo nice...
Thank you so much, Zack.
Z: All right!
Does this mean you really like?
A: Yeah...
It's almost a shame to use it.
Z: Y-yeah?
Well...I hope you enjoy it!

A: Hehe...
It's not the best perfume I've smelled...
But you bought it for me, Zack,
So I'm really happy...ugh...
Z: That didn't go very well...

A: Thank you. Maybe I think it smells good
because I'm happy that you thought of me.
Z: You're welcome.
I guess that's an okay result...

A: Wow, this is a great scent!
Hehe, it makes me feel all happy.
Z: Hey, she's pretty into it.

A: You're really amazing, Zack.
It smells so great...I'll cherish it.
Z: All right!
Does this mean you really like it?
A: Yeah, but it'll be so sad when it's all gone...
Can I just keep it without using any?
Z: Y-yeah?
Well...I hope you enjoy it!

Boy: Oh, the guy who gave me the potions.
I heard what happened, I'm sorry.
I can't give your stuff back, but in exchange...
I'll let you play the game for cheap.
Z: Eh, whatever. Thanks.

Boy: So, Aerith,
is this guy your boyfriend?
Yeah, you make a nice couple.
Aerith: Hehe, is that so?
Zack is funny, strong, and... a really kind person.
(Zack looks away rubbing his head in a blushing sort of way.)
Boy: Okay, back to business...

A: Nice work, Zack.

A: You were really hustling!
Nice work, Zack.

C: Your time...whoa, now that's FAST!
(time)! That's godlike!

A: Wow, I didn't expect you to come back this quickly!
Nice work, Zack.
8 years ago#2
Clerk: Oh, hi, Aerith.
Is that your boyfriend?

A: Hmm...I'm not sure yet.
C: Hey, aren't you... You are!
The guy who was chasing that kid around!
C: I heard about you from the neighborhood folks.
I thought you were just some dumb outsider, but it turns out you're a pretty good guy!
I'm sorry we misjudged you.
This is just a small token of our appreciation.
I have to say though, Aerith...
Lowest/Okay affection-
CLERK: You found yourself a pretty nice fella.

AERITH: Nooo, of course not!
It's not like that at all.

AERITH: No, he's not my boyfriend.
I just met him.
But maaaybe...
There's something there. Maybe.

Good/Great affection-
CLERK: You're not gonna find a decent, honest, kindhearted guy like this very often.
This one has my stamp of approval.
I hope you're very happy together!

AERITH: *giggle*
Does it look that way, really?
Hmm...that wouldn't be so bad.
He's strong, kinda funny, and there's something special about him.

AERITH: (makes a giggle motion)
Maybe I'll just say he is.
There's something really special about him.
I've never met anyone like him before.
It feels really fun, just being around him.

Oh, wait.
Can I take a look inside this store?
Z: So, what? The whole reason you wanted to go out was to shop?
A: Then I won't.
Z: I'm just kidding!
Go look as long as you like.
A: Thanks.
Just for a little bit.
I promise.
Z: You really like this store, huh?
A: Yeah, it's fun just looking around.
Z: Hey, Aerith.
A: Mm-hmm?
Z: To show my gratitude for that "hell-lloo" that woke me up...
I'll buy you something.
A: Oh, you don't have to.
You're repaying me with one date, right?
Z: You said, "Don't be silly!"
A: Well...
Z: Then consider it a one-day anniversary gift of our friendship.
A: Are you sure?
Z: Positive.

(Pink Ribbon scene)
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