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4 years ago#1
Does it have a good difficulty or is it too easy?
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4 years ago#2
Normal mode is too easy. If you start from scratch on hard mode, it may be frustratingly hard.

I would describe the difficulty as a combination of skill and RNG. There is way too much random chance for me to call it a "good" difficulty, but the skill element is there once you pass the way-too-easy beginning areas.

A significant part of the difficulty is in learning to dodge attacks that would one shot you or cause a status effect which debilitates you so badly that it may as well have been a one shot.

The core of the gameplay is in the sidequests. You may find the storyline too easy no matter what you do. There are several potentially game-breaking items you can acquire which reduce the game's difficulty significantly, but they require unlocking specific missions, and this can take a while.
4 years ago#3
I see. So if I picked it up on PSP, what mode do you suggest I start off on?
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4 years ago#4
There's no good answer. Normal mode is just too easy and Hard mode is too hard unless you already cleared and obtained the game-breaking items from Normal mode.

I guess my recommendation, then, is to get far enough in Normal mode to get the Super Ribbon accessory and then New Game Plus your way into Hard Mode. If you don't, be warned that the combination of status effects and high HP totals of the monsters may seem too cheap and frustrating.

I only recommend starting a brand new game on Hard Mode if you genuinely enjoy difficult games and the idea of one mistake or bad luck killing you isn't going to hurt your fun with a game. Crisis Core on Hard Mode isn't as difficult as Touhou* or anything, but it's not for everyone.

*the difficulty of Crisis Core is RNG+skill whereas Touhou is skill and memorization
4 years ago#5
That would explain my lasting frustration with this game. I started this game back when it came out, and was foolish enough to choose Hard mode because I like to think I was more "hardcore" back then... anyway four years later, I am trying to finish off my game and am 23 hours in, so it's almost out of the question to start a new file. At the same time, I've been having such incredible difficulty with this game, that I've wanted to smash my PSP on several occassions. I almost want to get a cheat device or something. But then I would never feel okay with beating the game with assistance from such a device.

I don't even care about the story, I just want to beat this game. Any advice for an unlucky gamer like me..? Right now I'm having a real tough time with the monsters and Genesis soldiers in the Modeoheim Ravines. I have to cast Barrier and Regen (master level) at the beginning of every battle, and fight pretty decently, just to survive these random encounters. Once I got to the warehouse, this Genesis army guy (with I think a wing..?) wiped out both of my lives in a matter of moments. I wish I could just level grind, but the levelling system in this game is such garbage. Slots? Are you serious?
4 years ago#6
The first stumbling block I had slogging through hard mode without a Ribbon or anything else was that I needed to invest absolutely everything into raising materia with STR/DEF/HP. You will probably have to find a good mission to grind for this in whether you want to or not.

IIRC I went to clear Hojo's missions first. Meanwhile, research how to create a Costly Punch materia. I forget the rest. I suck.

It was a lot of frustration and button mashing while doing something else, because if I concentrated only on the game, I'd get too frustrated.
4 years ago#7
Hevroth posted...
. Any advice for an unlucky gamer like me..?

Well, if you don`t have the time to put some time into it or just really want to finish it, then there is no shame in just playing it in normal mode. But that would mean starting from scratch, so here are some tips:

a) Contrary to popular belief, leveling up is not completely random. There is a hidden exp counter, and if you want you can check the exp received from enemies on this faq:
So you can go grind for levels, but it isn`t nearly as efficient as grinding for materia.

b) Make sure you know how to block and especially dodge all the attacks and sneak in a few attacks of your own when you get the chance. Attacking from behind is a very good strategy, as your attacks will deal critical damage and the enemy will take a little longer to attack you (as it will have to turn around). Alternatively you might want to keep your distance, using spells or jumps.

c) Although not that useful in normal mode, using status attacks in hard mode can be vital. You would be surprised at the number of enemies and even bosses that have these weaknesses. A very useful one that works on many enemies is stun which can be caused by Power Attack materia, it immobilizes the enemy for some time allowing you to heal or attack constantly. Aside from that one, I would recommend you fuse a Fire/a/aga materia with an Esuna materia, to get a Dark Fire/a/aga, wich is an awesome spell that damages the enemy as well as causing poison and silence (if you manage to poison an enemy then you can just run around until it drops dead). As soon as you can, you should upgrade that to a Hell Firaga, which deals more damage and also causes stop and instant death on top of poison and silence. There are also other ways of incapacitating an enemy, such as draining all it`s Mp if it is immune to silence.
To sum up, an incapacitated enemy is an enemy easier to defeat.

d) Go on and do a few missions, if you aren`t playing the Japanese version then there is nothing to lose, if you die you just get back to the save point at full health and Mp/Ap. Although not available for you right now, the Shin-Ra building entrance is a great place to do missions, since there is a woman there that offers you a potion that gives you the Raise status. This is an awesome status that allows you to pull of missions that would otherwise be very difficult, because if you happen to die once then you are immediately restored to full health. If you are doing a very hard mission, then you can use a little trick to avoid all random encounters: just hug the walls and don`t step up into any vast open areas, this way you are only left with the mission boss and can get to it at full health.
The great point of doing missions is to get great accessories and materia, which can make things a whole lot easier. It sounds like you are dying too quick, so you should try to equip any good Vit boosting equipment (like Shinra Alpha or Beta) or maybe even something that gives you auto-barrier.
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4 years ago#8
e) Time to grind for materia with bonus. Materia fusion is a blessing: if you get some good materia from missions plus some good items, you can become immortal (at least in story mode). The possibilities are infinite, so I`ll just throw in some of the most useful (IMO):

» Raise your Hp –Have a material with the Hp+% bonus (if you don´t have one fuse 2 random materia and a Fat Cocabo Feather). If you got enough money (you can get plenty from tonberrys), then you can go and buy a lot of (X-/Hi-)Potions. Fuse 2 materia (such as cure/a/aga) with them. Then do the same with another one. Then fuse the 2 together, you can do this as many times as you want to keep increasing the bonus. An even better alternative is to just forget about Potions and use up the Elixirs you get from missions, they aren`t all that useful and you can get more latter (just leave 1 or 2 in case you need it), if you got enough the bonus will be great.

» Similar to potions, there are other items that can be used in materia fusion to raise other stats, some are obvious like the Mako stones and other fusion items, and others are just plain accessories (like Shinra Beta or Crystal Bracelet). If you can find an enemy from which you can steal these then you can try to get high quantities of them to make materia with large bonuses. I could suggest some missions, but I don`t really know at which point you are in them…

» If you have mastered materia or high grade accessories, then you can stat upgrading your materia. You would be surprised at the results: I once had gotten stuff like Wall and Quake by the start of the chapter where you meat Aerith. Just experiment a little…
rickets987 mentioned Costly Punch, I doubt you will be able to do this at that point. But as soon as you get a piece of Punch class material you should, as it is an attack that was a crazy high base power (like enough to guarantee that you do 99999 damage every time) and only cost a tiny fraction of your Hp (can`t remember the exact number, but it is below 1/100)

(Sorry for the long post. I might have gotten carried away, but there is just so much you can say about becoming a freaking God in this game)
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4 years ago#9
Okay, thanks for the great tips. Right now I'm just trying to finish the main story in the shortest amount of time possible; I don't care about the missions or any side stuff. Which one of these is the fastest way through the game:

1- starting a brand new game on Normal mode
2- following the tips above and muscling through the rest of the game, from the save point after crashing the helicopter into Modeoheim Ravines

I'm level 23 and my mastered materia consist of Cure, Regen, a couple HP UPs, Twist Attack (or whatever it's called), and a few others, and some others are level 3-4.

I just want to beat the game to say I beat it, is pretty much it. Thanks in advance.
4 years ago#10
Well, it is hard to say…

You are already a long way in story mode, but there is still a lot left. Your level seems ok (if I`m not mistaken one of the bosses in Modeoheim is lv 25). But more important than that are your stats and materia setup, which I assume don`t have any big bonuses. Things are only going to get harder, and with that setup I don`t know if you`ll last for long. You could improve on this, however it would take some considerable time and effort to do so.

In the end, I think my recommendation is to start over in normal mode. If you are not willing to waste some time doing a bunch of missions, then that would be the easiest and fastest way.
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