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i'm not asking for amazing, but... (Archived)
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so..I finished my first (normal) round :/........ (Archived)
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Hidden Beetles (Archived)UncleWesker53/20/2013
This game has a big plot hole, correct me if I'm wrong. spoilers (Archived)
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Vegeta, what does the scouter say about its power level? (Archived)RaphaelBelmont103/12/2013
Accidentally Found a New Game Over... (Archived)JoveHack43/10/2013
I can't find the item? (Archived)RockmanAL33/10/2013
PS2 Version on a HD TV?? (Archived)Too_Villainous53/8/2013
How awesome must you be... (Archived)RaphaelBelmont43/8/2013
which RE4 board? (Archived)
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the most awesome guy in RE4, all of you gonna love him! (Archived)Cao_Bao53/4/2013
which guns should I keep? (Archived)
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The controls would be infinitely better if x runs and square shoots (Archived)BendoHendo22/25/2013
I propose another "way of playing" to this masterpiece. (Archived)Xean_Liteheart92/25/2013
Save changes into boxes (Archived)Ephamera42/24/2013
Did Ada pick up Krauser's discarded TMP? (Archived)JoveHack42/23/2013
what are they (enemies) talking about? modern DVD? (Archived)Cao_Bao82/21/2013
Surprised this game lied to me for 8 years. (Archived)
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Min-Kills 4-3 & 4-4 (Normal difficulty) (Archived)
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The sacred rite...will endow the girl with magnificent power (Archived)JoveHack92/7/2013
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