the worst campaign mode i've ever seen

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8 years ago#1
In any game.

I have never seen such a cheap AI in any game as I have with this. It's completely ruined the campaign mode entirely.

I'm playing the IMperial campaign and I've just completed the Geonosis mission. Now I have to go to Mon Cal. In the meantime Kuat and Ryloth have appeared as rebel bases. I have taken every planet except those, Naboo and Endor (which is impossible) and I have a fleet above Kuat.

Suddenly a rebel fleet attacks me in space over Sullust. There is no other rebel base nearby; this fleet seems to have materialised from nowhere. The nearest rebel planet is Naboo, but Naboo cannot reach Sullust directly. So how can this fleet appear?

Because Sullust cannot be reached I don't have a fleet above it; why should I - it can't be attacked. Except now it can somehow. I reload my last save and build 2 probes to send them to nearby Dagobah and Bespin which are the only two worlds nearby (though they aren't shown as red so they can't be rebel bases only pirate strongholds).

In space above each is a THIRTY unit strong raid group. That's right, it says THIRTY units and marks it clearly as a raid unit. Even with the little yellow star icon.

Unbelievable. How the hell can anyone play against such a crap AI?
8 years ago#2
You complain too much. Warfare is not ment to be fair!
8 years ago#3
go play DOA 4 and then cry to me....
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8 years ago#4
what does doa4 have to do with eaw?
8 years ago#5
. . .

You're a bit slow, aren't ya?

You're complaining about EAW having "the worst campaign mode" you've ever seen, so another user compared it to another game's campaign mode.

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8 years ago#6
I know what he did, I just don't understand why. They are two entirely separate games.
8 years ago#7
Star War has one of the best Campaign modes I have ever seen.

Because the bulk of other star wars games, your just a soldier or a pilot who picks there weapons and fights battles your "commander" gives you.

At least you can pick and choose your battles.
8 years ago#8
Wish. What hell do u think "in any game" means?
8 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#10
==I sort of agree with wishface, here. The odds are stacked unfairly against the player, and it takes away a sense of realism that the game sometimes gets through well. It's not fun when you're fighting a battle and the computer just spawns enemies on you to attack from nowhere. That's just lame, ruins the game for pretty much anyone.
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