Well I'm finding the game isn't too challenging...

#1opinion_man93Posted 2/12/2008 10:40:28 PM
Are their any mods out their that make the A.I. more challenging such as bringing in more capital ships? Also, if anyone can provide me with said mod, could they give me instructions on how to install it? Greatly appreciated.
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#2AlgolagniaPosted 2/13/2008 11:57:05 PM
The difficulty toggle only increases durability of the enemy not the intelligence, it's one of the biggest complaints alot of people have with the game.
#3EZXSniperZzzPosted 2/20/2008 2:00:49 PM
There a mod for FOC AI.

IDK about EAW AI mods.

FOC= expansion
EAW= Regular.
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#4BloodlyPosted 2/23/2008 11:23:32 PM
The difficulty toggle only increases durability of the enemy

...They get a health/damage boost on Hard?

In addition to the large starting funds?
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#5AlgolagniaPosted 2/24/2008 3:42:26 AM

Yep, at least in FoC which is pretty much all I play now. You can notice the difference most easily by switching the difficulty during a battle and watching fighters take on one of your gunships after watching the effects of easy compared to medium or hard.

Luckily though the AI is still stupid. I'm so tired of being attacked by 32 waves of fighters, it's annoying tracking them all down and the battle takes forever.