Need ideas (minor spoilers)

#1firecross9999Posted 2/20/2008 2:00:55 PM
OK, I'm trying to get the alternate ending for the Rebel campaign, and as I understand it, the Rebels must capture every planet to do that. The thing is, when the Empire blew up Alderaan, the Death Star just sat there and refuses to move away from the remains. So now I've sent fleet after fleet to try to conquer Alderaan and I beat the Imperial fleet every time, but after the victory my fleets just moves away from Alderaan and it's still under Imperial control, and every time I send another fleet there it's just another 2 Tartan cruisers and 2 Victory Cruisers that await me, and when I win Alderaan is still the Empire's. And when I take Red Squadron with me to fight, the Death Star is destroyed, Alderaan is mine, but it's just the regular ending with the recreation of the ending from Episode 4. What do I do?
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#2karateguy1Posted 2/24/2008 6:22:25 PM

Good question. I have a similar problem except that after the battle at Alderaan is triggered the Empire just goes nuts and attacks every planet. I don't have a chance to capture anything after that battle. It's completely defensive. I could probably handle that except the Death Star is roaming around the galaxy blowing up every planet it encounters. I can't get the alternate ending either. Also, It is possible to start building Calamari Cruisers prior to the last battle? It would be nice to be able to play with them. Thanks.