Map editor Please help

#1xXx_94Posted 2/26/2008 11:01:13 AM


iv installed mp editor but the weird thing is when i start it up first it load but then nothing happens >:( it's driving me crazy what should i do so it works? please help...

#2HAVOK_nukePosted 3/2/2008 12:13:46 AM
Try doing
File>New Land

Also, try readin the tutorial that is included within the download. Might help a bit.
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#3umi2222Posted 3/2/2008 6:52:51 AM
Were is that download? I can't seem to find it any were...>_>
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#4HAVOK_nukePosted 3/4/2008 4:52:15 PM
It's on the Lucasarts website for EAW. Well hidden I suppose.
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