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User Info: freakydude123

9 years ago#1

I have a problem with the star wars empire at war gold pack (SWEAW+SWEAW:FOC)It says: Please enter key code (Found on back of manual).One teensy problem: I've mislaid the manual.My question: would it work with another key code?,Or do I have to get another copy?,please reply


User Info: Gastroid

9 years ago#2
I can't necessarily advice that to be wise, but it is more than capable. I'd speak more about using a keycode other than your own, but the mods like to keep it a no-show subject.
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User Info: waterphython

9 years ago#3

Ya i have the same problem i have the key code but i think theres a type-o cuz the code i have on the back of the book is 9875-5c4-0c0-af1d-uk40 and it aisnt insatling can u plz tell me were im goin wrong

User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#4
Well first thing, I wouldn't have posted that keycode online.

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