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User Info: wolfbane67

7 years ago#1

Just been playing GC The lines are drawn Hard mode as empire, when a rebellion fleet was detected on its way to tarris which consisted of no less than 15 A wings, 6 Neb-B, 20 X-wings,5 Assault frigates(The fail shield ones) Home one & about 9 Y-wings against my garrison of 1 Victory cruiser, 1 Acclamator, 2 Tartan cruiser & a level 4 Spae station.

So I start what leads to be an hopeless defence im trying to make these tartans last as long as they can keeping off any fighters away from my handfull of tie-bombers then I put up a wall of Acclamators around my victory, 5 mins in ive taken out some of their A-wings Y-wings and a Neb-b when they just retreat??? It was only a matter of time before I folded so rebellion I ask you WTF!?

User Info: Finalhazard9

7 years ago#2

A level 4 station against just that? You could still win anyways lol. But its almostalways a guarantee the ai just retreats before using all of its forces...

My space station on Nal Hutta was attacked by 4 Star Destroys and like 4 Accs and Victory Cruisers and a bunch of Tartans, and each time after a Star Destroyer was destroyed, the ai would retreat, then attack 5 seconds later with the same fleet, losing more and more accs and victory's every time,until I picked off every Star Destroyer.

User Info: wolfbane67

7 years ago#3

But it could of won though, Simpily take out my hangar no more bomber for me & any Torp/missile launchers on my station it would only of been a mater of time. A.I FAIL

User Info: Finalhazard9

7 years ago#4

Yeah, taking out the hangar is when things get bad...

User Info: gofghxg

7 years ago#5
I can sualy hold off home one, that super corvette thing and red squadron and some rebel exc. with a level ONE space station yeah but it takes me the death star to win cause I suck at land

User Info: mu695

7 years ago#6
i have beat massive AI fleets with a lv 3 station but honestly try this against a player and your doomed
my GT is dark reaper 175 i use google spell checker so if I'm spelling bad that's why

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