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4 years ago#1
Anybody come to this board at all?
I started a rebel campaign and right when I take kessel these super stacks of empire space stacks kick my butt.
Then they go on the offense.
I try to take planets before I take the mission planet but they go and smash all my planets therefor limiting my resources.
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4 years ago#2
Any tips for fleets too?
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4 years ago#3
Oh man their super stacks of star destroyers are unlimited!!!

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4 years ago#4
So basically I went all the way to the Kessels asteroid and and i'm trying to build my forces up and try to take another planet.


The mighty Empire attacks with huge Ships!!
Whats the point of bringing tie fighters/bombers ect to these fights when the ship can just launch them! I try to get my y- bombers to attack the ships/space station, but they get slaughtered along with the x wings. That just leads my lil corvette ships and my B whatever medical ship thing. Dont know the proper name for it but it looks weird for a ship and black or blueish grey or something. And they get slaughtered. These types of battles sometimes go in my favor but the empire just sends in another wave. Damn it

Seesh I dont know
I need the force
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4 years ago#5
I find the lack of posts disturbing
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4 years ago#6
The Empire has the Advantage, since their ships are tougher, stronger and as you said. bigger.

The Rebellion ships are faster and more manuverable, i personally can't get past the mission to get the X-Wing Prototypes, the pilots keep dying.

When it comes to space battles, i rarely ever lose, even when outnumbered, but then again, thats when facing the AI, i never play against players, because they just rush, they think a fast win is better then a long, glorious battle.
4 years ago#7
Dude the x wing level with the pilots aint that hard
At the very begining send one or 2 tanks to left pass and go all the way and u will see the shield generator or whatever.
Make sure u have y wings in the air and bomb the generator after the tanks see it in the fog of war then send your pilots to the x wings.
Hold a defensive position around them and bomb the aantiair with the bombers to let the x wings go.
Good luck and tell me how it worked out for u
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4 years ago#8
This is just an idea, seeing as it has been years since I last played this it might not work, but...

split your ships into 2 groups
group 1) some large attack ships with many bombers
group 2) the 'bait' group, mostly fighters and corvettes, maybe a bomber or two

group 1 moves away while group 2 sends a few ships to lure the empires to the rest of the group. Focus your fire on the tie's, then the larger ships shields (if you can make them go through asteroids or one of the areas that destroys shields to get to you then that is better)

any bombers in group 2 should focus their fire on the tartan patrol cruisers (if there are any, otherwise, go for the star destroyers engines)

as the empire begins its attack, send group 1's bombers to take out the star destroyers engines, then the guns facing group 1

when the shields of most the empires fleet are down or group 2 is about to be destroyed, send the corvettes to attack the empire, since they are slower then fighters, you might want to send them during the fight so they arrive on time.

if you stay on the side of the star destroyer's destroyed guns, they won't be able to attack as well.

mop up the remaining forces

I don't remember any of the ships skills or what that other large ship you mentioned was, so just incorporate them into your plan as needed
if on defence, keep group 2 near the space station, it spawns fighters and helps fight, you can probably use it as cover if needed too.
4 years ago#9
this is a strategy for land battles when attacking that I know works (probably not in a mission/objective based battle but in regular planetary fights)

have space control and make sure you have a ship that does bombing runs in the fleet.

send an army of just two or three units (speed is critical here, so make them fast units)

make the units hide/wait for bombing run to be ready, this means you might have to run from enemy troops

once bombing run is ready, send one of the units into the main enemy area and have bombing run ready, once a building is in targeting area, start attack run (usually this takes out the building and some units, if not send one of yours on a suicide mission to finish the building off)

rinse and repeat until all buildings are down (this may mean you have to do this more than once)

then send in your army, it doesn't even need to be a big army, just a few to show where to bomb, and some bigger ones for mopping up the enemies.

if you can find a way to get rid of the fog of war then this makes your job a whole lot easier, just keep running and launch bombing runs when ready

the bombing runs on the buildings help because it stops them from making more units between attacks and stops them from spawning garrison units which are free units that don't even count on the population cap.

**extra note
remember to thank my brother, he decided to start playing this game again which is why I am here helping you with your question
4 years ago#10
Thanks for the posts.
I'm gonna try these strategies tonight.
Let's try to keep this post alive

If this goes to 500 i'll make bacon sammiches fro everyone!

: P
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