MVP Baseball roster update for 2011: THE YEAR OF THE PITCHER

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6 years ago#1
Once the regular season ends, my work begins again. This upcoming update next spring, you can expect:

THE YEAR OF THE PITCHER: The balance of power in baseball has now tipped back to the hurlers, and the 2011 roster update will reflect the new era of baseball with more accurate pitching attributes and arsenals than before. Stamina and pitching roles (spot starters/long relievers now correctly marked as SP) are more accurate and tuned to the original MVP formula, separating the aces from the solid #3s to the journeymen; now not every SP will be sport an 80+ stamina. This will not only differentiate the pitchers working deep from the ones that give your bullpen a workout, but will also help with AI roster optimization in Dynasty. In addition, velocity and control attributes will also be overhauled and reflect the filthy pitches (or lack thereof) even better than before, so that Adam Wainwright's hook brings the nasty while Cliff Lee will sport his precision accuracy.

MORE IMPROVEMENTS: Now hitters will sport correct and updated player tendencies, along with data from FanGraphs and other sabremetric sites that will help tune fielding attributes, along with another year of refined hitting attributes to make the 2011 roster play true-to-life. Star power alone will not aid a player's potential; Manny Ramirez's and Derek Jeter's fall from the elite will be reflected into their attributes, while budding stars continue to climb up. Also, more accurate batting stances and equipment will properly reflect the current looks of today's players.

MORE WAYS TO GET MILKMAN'S 2011 MVP EXPERIENCE: A print version will be available via GFaqs for those without a PS2, Max Drive, or those who want to keep their current Dynasty going. Throughout the season, a CAP topic by me will be running adding the newest faces making it to the big leagues, as well as bi-monthly mid-season roster updates, which not only means the roster will up and ready to go when spring training rolls around, but an updated version will be available no matter when you're ready to come aboard. Finally, I will be doing a weekly journal for the MVP board beginning October 6th so you can chart my progress as I undertake another roster update for the great MVP community of GFaqs and beyond.

As the curtain goes down on the 2010 regular season, and the lights for the postseason go up, I am letting you know that it is that time of year: Playoff baseball, and that more great mileage from maybe the greatest baseball of all time is coming again.



6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
I can't wait for any and all updates you have for the greatest baseball game ever made. It looks like you're going all out so does this mean we can expect more than the usual 40 man rosters? Meaning a revamping of teams minor league systems. I hope so, if not then that's cool too. I just figured I'd ask since you seem really amped up haha :).
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