mlb 2006 vs. mlb 06: the show

#1collegefanmasPosted 12/17/2008 5:58:01 PM
Can somebody help me out? I bought both this games tonight, specifically for the career mode, as these were the last 2 games where your ratings didn't decrease if you didn't keep training on them. On 07 and 08, if you don't train in certain areas, they'll decrease, and I have a hard enough time getting the ratings up to begin with. lol. Cheating a little I know. So can anybody tell me what the major differences are in the career mode for these 2 games? on IGN, MLB 2006 got an 8.7 and MLB 06: the show got an 8.0. Is this anything to do with career mode? Which do you guys prefer? Help me out please.