Best dsiware?

#1SUPERM3TROIDPosted 6/27/2011 6:05:10 PM
I honestly haven't even looked at dsi ware for a year or two and the only games I've bought is Mario vs donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, and starship defense

What are some really good games to get?
I prefer strategy and rpgs
#2ErrorSupplyPosted 6/27/2011 7:14:02 PM
I'll be getting The Lost Town - The Dust when it's released this Thursday (US):

If you're willing to hold onto 500 pts 'til then, it sounds up your alley.
#3Number43Posted 6/27/2011 8:35:49 PM
Most of the best ones are puzzle games. The Art Style games are all high quality. As for other kinds, Alpha Bounce is kind of a breakout/rpg hybrid. Cave Story is an excellent platformer, as is Shantae: Risky's Revenge. Plants vs Zombies is kind of a tower defense game, but I'd recommend playing that on PC. As for proper rpgs, the closest you'd get is Zenonia.
#4SUPERM3TROID(Topic Creator)Posted 6/27/2011 10:11:11 PM
Well I'm not opposed to other types of games, just don't want something that'll only last 5 minutes.
puzzles are pretty much hit or miss for me
I already have plants vs zombies on my phone and love it

And I'll check out lost town, cave story, and zenonia then,thanks.
#5LhunthangionPosted 7/5/2011 4:30:47 AM(edited)
Zenonia - 800 Points
Legends of Exidia - 800 Points
Soul of Darkness - 500 Points
Castle of Magic - 500 Points
Chronos Twins - 500 Points
Dragon Quest Wars - 500 Points
Cave Story - 1000 Points
Dark Void Zero - 500 Points
The Lost Town: The Dust - 500 Points
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - 1200 Points