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5 years ago#41
I got a puzzle box.

... lots o' puzzles to be solved.
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5 years ago#42
Last game I purchased was Okamiden back when it first came out. Guess that was technically the final game in my DS collection.
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5 years ago#43
Mega Man ZX Advent - $10 Like New
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5 years ago#44
Just got Pokemon Black, $35.00.
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5 years ago#45
Just purchased Professor Layton The Last Spectra. I know that this game is quite similar throughout the series, but I just cannot skip any of the game.
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5 years ago#46
Got Curious Village, Diabolical Box and Last Specter. Rebought Unwound Future.
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5 years ago#47
Castlevania order of Ecclesia

My first castlevania game I ever played
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5 years ago#48
Just rebought Super Mario 64 DS, Dragon Quest 9 and got Professor Layton: The Last Specter.
5 years ago#49
I found Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword a few months ago on the DS for just $10 used, with box and instruction booklet(yay for finding it somewhere other than CrapStop). Great game so far, though I haven't played it as much lately. Wouldn't mind getting some more DS games, soon.
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5 years ago#50
bought Okamiden.
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