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4 years ago#21
Approximately how many DS games you have?

Your backlog? (Games you think you haven't completed to your best or still need to play them).

Your rarest one out of your collection. (Very rare to find :P)
None; they are all pretty common games
4 years ago#22
I have 31 DS games. Two on my backlog. I don't know which game I have is the rarest, but I do have Etrian Odyssey III.
4 years ago#23
I've got 45 games and I'm playing Devil Survivor 2 right now. I really only have 1 game unbeaten in my backlog, but... I really don't want to go and play Black Sigil again.

Unless backlog means games that I haven't played. Then I have 0.

Oh, rarest game. I've heard Infinite Space is pretty rare. I preordered Knights in the Nightmare and Radiant Historia, so those came with cool little bonuses. Those might be kind'a rare.
4 years ago#24
32 games

6 of those games I never played. Some were really cheap and I couldnt resist buying them...

My rarest DS games are the first printing of radiant historia with the soundtrack, and a sealed copy of phoenix wright 2
4 years ago#25
Rarest in my collection? Radiant Historia (first printing), 999 (first printing), Last Window (I suppose since it's the sequel to Hotel Dusk and released only in Europe)
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4 years ago#26
My handheld games collection (total 126):

DS: 55
3DS: 8
GBA: 18
GBC: 4
GB: 7
PSP: 32
Vita: 2

All complete in box.

Check the backloggery site on my sig.
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4 years ago#27
DS is about 482 games, 3DS is 58 games, PSP is 61 games, Vita is 20 games, Game Gear is like 6 games, Gameboy Advance is like 65 or something, Gameboy / Gameboy Color about 10. Most of them are complete except for the Game Gear, Gameboy and about half the GBA games.

Backlog is.. I don't know, a million billion games. Couldn't tell you which DS ones are the rarest, I haven't checked up on that lately.
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