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For those who have played pokemon mystery dungeon (Archived)HypnoG107/11/2011
I really just want to play Pokemon Platinum, Heart Gold and Black... (Archived)
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As someone who has owned a DS since the start (Archived)Faliphor107/11/2011
under-rated titles for the DS (Archived)
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So can anyone recommend a good cue sports(pool and others) game? (Archived)Shinra-Army67/11/2011
Question about DSiware purchases (Archived)_Scorch_D6237/11/2011
Any DSIWare game regrets? (Archived)PitfallMario87/11/2011
Anyone have Arcade Hoops Basketball DSiWare? (Archived)SSJ_Burpy37/11/2011
Did I get ripped off??? (Archived)
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Is it normal to have trouble finding DS games at Gamestop? (Archived)
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Anyone in Europe? Did this get a release? (Archived)neoalphazero27/10/2011
DS Lite or 3DS? (Archived)
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Best Nintendo DS Game by initial letter according to 3 Sites (Archived)
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Man... DSL's are rare now :( (Archived)zoharemulator57/10/2011
Solatorobo: Red The Hunter comes out this fall! in the usa (Archived)
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closest thing to super smash bros? (Archived)k00pa_tr00pa87/9/2011
Pokemon games make up more than half of the DS Top 10s (Archived)Metroidude47767/9/2011
ITT suggestions for my 5 year old nephew. (Archived)Celebratox17/9/2011
Need help on deciding DS Hardware (Archived)Judgmentday0967/9/2011
Is there anything to look forward to? (Archived)shahed198757/9/2011
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