Glitches when playing on Xbox 360

#1moopenguinPosted 1/1/2009 10:19:32 AM
I am posting this topic so hopefully others won't run into the disappointment that I did when playing Mega Man Anniversary Collection on the Xbox 360.

Here are the glitches I have noticed:
- Mega Man 2: Extreme flicker when playing Metal Man's stage
- Navi Mode: Bars around the health bars
- Overall: Random bars in certain dialogue boxes, such as when you press the "Select" button on the controller to exit a game.
- Mega Man 8: When Mega Man walks, he breaks up

I have not played the game enough to know where other glitches might lie. However, if you have a Playstation 2, I would go with that version. Also, if you have a Wii, I would imagine the Gamecube version would be fine since the Wii plays Gamecube games without emulation.

I hope this helps anyone wondering how Mega Man Anniversary Collection plays on the Xbox 360. Bottom line: STAY AWAY FROM IT!
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