This Board Needs To Start Again (What I thought of the game)

#1AtlantisRisingIPosted 4/16/2010 3:31:14 PM
Recently I picked this game up for my Xbox 360 because I have been playing Megaman 9 and 10 for the Xbox arcade and decided I want to own most or ALL the megaman games.

I went on to craigslist and found someone in my area that was selling it and lucky enough to get it at a good price. I played though all the megaman games and by far Megaman 8 was the worst to go though. Massive slowdowns during bosses as well as graphical errors with Megaman's feet they look really glitches out when he walks.

Looking beyond Megaman 8 most of the other 9 games worked pretty well. All of the other Megamans played with only some slowdown but nothing like 8 and graphically I don't think the flicker is as bad as playing Megaman on NES.

If you like Megaman games I would definately pick this up. You dont have to remember passwords to play where you left off but they still work and this game works for the Xbox 360 along with 2 Megaman arcade games which sheds light on Zero Dr.Willey's (evil) creation.

I recently bought Megaman X collection for gamecube//wii on Ebay; I think I should have bought this game for my gamecube but still some reason I like playing my games on my Xbox 360.

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