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StickyThe Official Information Thread v.2 - READ BEFORE POSTING - (Sticky)
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Regular Trunks slash super vs tagging in opponent = big damage. (Archived)Rhio2k15/17 5:56AM
how to unlock mania goku,mania cell,and mania broly!!! (Archived)chiedozie-muoma32/5/2014
Problems with Broly's timers? (Archived)ELQUEMANDA411/7/2014
5 three person combo only. (Archived)amtir14/12/2013
My 10 years old brother lovethis game (Archived)amtir14/6/2013
after playing the psp games (Archived)Anema198611/17/2013
giys guys (Archived)Truhazzard326019/12/2012
Think they gonna make a Supersonic Warriors 3 for 3Ds? (Archived)Foril8917/23/2012
Is this game better than the first? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz15/11/2012
Evil Buu problems. *spoilers* (Archived)RustyShacklefrd21/22/2012
Why is this board dead?? (Archived)Emi3280111/15/2010
Fateful Showdown (Archived)Exdeath8110/15/2010
Ha ha ha I laugh at the creators of this game!! :D (Archived)Talesoffan219/16/2010
is this game?? (Archived)sirauron1527/11/2010
FAR TOO EASY.. Seriously.. (Archived)Pokenub17/7/2010
Hello! *echo* (Archived)
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Cosmic Mayhem124/19/2010
Dead Board is Dead (Archived)CajNatalie22/1/2010
looks like crappy version of the ps2 one (Archived)deoxxys79/28/2009
Immense satisfaction, now rest forever. (Archived)chaos_belmont38/27/2009
Starting a New Game? (Archived)SSJGokuu48/18/2009
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