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EV Training Starter's Guide |Questions? Read This First!|

#481timbo3687Posted 6/29/2008 9:35:29 PMmessage detail
Weremidget, is indeed, pure awesome...

Greetings from the Halo3 Board. We come in peace
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#482BadHeroPosted 6/30/2008 6:05:45 AMmessage detail
Thanks! I had no idea what EVs were! You really helped me out. Now I can train my Pokemon the right way.
#483The_AdicianPosted 6/30/2008 10:09:19 AMmessage detail
Weremidget! I'm back.:D

We wanted to thank you, the HALO 3 board, as a whole. You can somehow help two different gaming communities. HALO 3, thanks you again.

#484Truthiness5Posted 6/30/2008 1:03:18 PMmessage detail
Hello Halo 3 board.
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#485The_ArchdukePosted 6/30/2008 1:59:21 PMmessage detail
I think adican thinks you play HALO 3 weremidget.

doubt it.
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#486The_AdicianPosted 6/30/2008 3:00:11 PMmessage detail
^ o u.

Anyways. New account has THE! :D
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#487shigen2Posted 7/1/2008 8:45:19 PMmessage detail
Oh post
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#488weremidget(Topic Creator)Posted 7/1/2008 10:59:15 PMmessage detail
I have no idea who those guys are, honestly. A bunch of loser Halo fanboys from the LameBox 360 probably...



#489blackweasel30Posted 7/2/2008 9:52:21 AMmessage detail
^That's funny
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#490The_AdicianPosted 7/2/2008 10:32:59 PMmessage detail
Weremidget?! You don't love us anymore?!


I shall destroy what reputation you have left here! Unless you admit that you know meh.

I like quoting people.- Me
Adician, why do you quote yourself in your sig?- Phan1v1om