is there an eagle pokemon?

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between all the random birds, I can't tell if one is distinctly an eagle.

I need to make an OU team and claim its an AMERICAN team.
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User Info: item_spammer

8 years ago#2
i think staraptor is an eagle
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User Info: TravisAxel_v5

8 years ago#3
Bandit Keith approves this message... In America!

User Info: TravisAxel_v5

8 years ago#4
Staraptors a Hawk

User Info: stingerbrg

8 years ago#5
I can't think of one that is distinctly an eagle. Skarm and Raptor are close, but ones more like a vulture and the other is a hawk.
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User Info: surfdemon

8 years ago#6
Hasire will fall befor my pokemon 1/1/09
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User Info: Hasire

8 years ago#7
yeah...pidgy family >.<
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There's no eagle Pokemon and there damn well should be.
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User Info: GeneralSpoon

8 years ago#9
Staraptor is a raptor.
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User Info: Madman_19

8 years ago#10
articuno kinda looks like a blue eagle.
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