Should I evolve my Magikarp?

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8 years ago#1

I'm reading a Competitive Battling FAQ,and I was wondering should I evolve her or not.

She's level 54,but I want to get her to lv 100(or atleast lv 99,then evolve her >>) in Magikarp form.
Anyway,should I evolve her,or stay to my goal,breed her and evolve her offspring?
Nipah! =3
8 years ago#2
Why would you hold off letting Karp evolve unless you want one at Lv. 100? Evolve it now or never.
8 years ago#3
Depends on wether you want a lv100 magikarp which does almost nothing or a gyarados which has potential depending on stats.
8 years ago#4
Lv. 100 Magikarps are perfect trading fodder for the GTS.
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8 years ago#5
Her stats are:

Attack - 41
Defense - 84
Sp. Atk - 30
Sp. Def - 46
Speed - 114

..She seems pretty good for a Magikarp..
But I wanted to show people that Magikarp's can be powerful too..
Nipah! =3
8 years ago#6
Screw them all.

Don't evolve your Magicarp, and have it kick ass.
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8 years ago#7
i hope youu like magickap sushi rolls
8 years ago#8
Yes, you should evolve your Magikarp. Magikarp's movepool is, let's face it, pathetic. It NEEDS to evolve just to get a decent moveset such as:

Gyarados@Petaya Berry/Wise Glasses
Nature: Modest
Stat Experience: Sp.Atk and Sp.Def (252 each), rest in HP (6)

Flamethrower/Hidden Power (Flying 70)
Ice Beam

****, even something crappy such as this is better than anything a Magikarp could offer:

Gyarados@Liechi Berry/Muscle Band
Nature: Adamant
Stat Experience: Attack and Sp.Def (252 each), rest in HP (6)

Ice Fang
Stone Edge
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8 years ago#9
If you were going to evolve it, you should have done it at level 20, but since you have missed out on so many stat points, you may as well keep going, and keep it a level 100 Magikarp.
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8 years ago#10
but since you have missed out on so many stat points

not really
doesnt matter when it evolves
it has no effect on the stat of the evolved pokemon
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