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Time to Shine! A Pokemon Diamond's Nuzlocke

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4 years ago#1
My Nuzlocke Rules

-If a pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be put into a pc (Dead)
-Only the first pokemon on each route may be caught (excluding duplicates)
-All pokemon must be nicknamed
-The run ends in failure only if ALL pokemon are killed, including all those in the box.
-No gift pokemon can be used and I cannot trade with anyone
-Legendaries can be caught but not used
-I can catch shinnies should they appear, but can only use them if they are the first pokemon encountered.

Before I continue I will like to thank posiondart91, Bass487 and the few others people's Nuzlockes I have read. Not only did they give me something to read when I was bored but it made me start my first Nuzlocke and get interested in pokemon once again. So once again, Thank You!

Chapter 1: All in Due Time

10 Years Ago…

“Hey Saurian… Saurian....SAURIAN wake up!”

“Okay I’m up, I’m up!” I replied sleepily.

“Come on Saurian, how long were you going to be asleep?” Berry Grinned, “Now come on we got a red gyrados to find!”

“Alright, Wait downstairs I gotta change first.” I said, Barry nodded and left.

That’s my friend Barry, he’s just a year older and we compete for anything. Lately it was just about pokemon.

The TV downstairs says: “On related news Galactic Enterprise’s exploration team have been found unable to obtain the red gyrados despite the team’s resources and…”

“See ya Mom, going to the lake with Berry!” I said running out

“Be careful out there!” Saurian’s Mom shouted

That’s my mom, well my foster mom; I don’t know what happened to my real parents, the last thing I remember is moving to Twinleaf Town and living there. When I asked about my real parents all I hear is that they were good people. Why won’t I get anything more?

“Took you long enough now let’s go catch find a gyrados!” Barry said. Me and Barry now heads toward Lake Verity avoiding any pokemon, sleeping or not.

“Alright to the lake! Let’s find ourselves a red gyrados!” Barry fist pumps in the air as I sigh in the background. “Were going to get eaten…”

“Hm? An old man and a girl” I noticed as we entered

“What are you talking… oh I see” Barry noticed the girl.

“What!? Her? I never see her before” I tried to reassured him, but Barry had a very big grin on his face.

“Be quiet! I can’t hear what their saying”. I said

Despite Barry keep on making comments about her, I was able to hear some parts of their conversation… which was pretty boring. We also didn't notice anything special in the lake. So much for the red gyrados…

As the two of them head north we noticed something shiny on the coast…

“Shiny, Shiny, Shiny!!!” Me and Barry said as we head running towards it.

“Huh!? It’s just a briefcase” We sighed.

Well let’s give this back to them, it’s probably important…” I said but before Barry opened his mouth…


“SAURIAN FORGET THE SUTICASE!” as Barry ran towards Twinleaf.

Although annoyed that I was left to be pecked to death by birds and blocked from getting hom, I ran north with the suitcase, running through trees hoping to get away.

Unfortunately I ran into a dead-end (Damn it!). With Suitcase in hand I swung at the birds hopping to scare them away! But it just got them angrier and pecked me harder (T-T).

I threw the suitcase to make a last break for it but trip on a rock (Stupid Rock!). Before I was going to be peck to death, a bunch of leaves just slash all the Starly sending them flying away.
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4 years ago#2
Chapter 1 continued

I turned to my savior and saw it just the girl from before and a Turtwig. She walked and took the suitcase from where I threw it and left. Who was that girl?

I came back to Twinleaf town and saw Barry waiting for me

“So… you found out the girl’s name?”

With whatever strength I had left… I… threw a rock at him

To Be Continued

Sorry if that was long. Wanted to have a good first chapter before my run officially begins
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4 years ago#3
Wow, this is lookin' pretty darn good! Good luck on this.
"But in the end, the human soul will ever reach for the truth."-Samus Aran
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4 years ago#4
Thanks swampert/ btw does anybody know how to italicise a text. I forgot how to do it...

Chapter 2: A New Journey Begins

10 years later aka Present Time…

“You ready Saurian?” Barry said nervously

“…Yeah” I replied nervously.

Were going in…

Suddenly we see Professors all around us studying Pokémon, Doing paperwork, and some even arguing about pointless stuff…

As we were walking in I see the professor talking to a girl close to our own age. Hey why does she look so familiar …?

“Professor Rowen, I’m Barry and this is my friend Saurian, were here for the pokedex project”, I nodded in agreement.

“I see…” The Professor gave a glance at me before continue speaking. “On this table there are three Pokémon. You may choose one to be your partner for this quest”

“You go first Saurian, I’ll pick right after you” Barry said
I nodded and look towards my choices…

Alright I pick… Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, (someone faceplam in the background) Catch the mankey by the toe. If it hollers let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, you are it! I grab the Pokeball and revealed it to be a Piplup.

“Alright I guess it’s my turn” Barry said and chose Turtwig as his starter. Did he choose that Pokémon because of the story I told him 10 years ago? Wait a minute the story… that girl… I look at her carefully… ack?

“You’re the same girl I meet at the lake!” I said which Barry was also shocked at this revelation.

As the girl nodded, Professor Rowen said “I see you met my assistant Dawn” She nods again “She doesn’t speak due to certain circumstances…”

Barry looked slightly disappointed but we continued listening

“Now the first part of your journey will be head to Jubilife City …” We both nodded determinedly “and from there you will make your own decisions. Now good luck!”

The professor sends us off in a hurry since it looked like he had something important in his mind….

“Alright! Barry our own adventure is starting tomorrow” I said as we went home for the journey ahead.

“…Dawn you should also go home and set up for your journey as well” Dawn nodded and leaves

“I wonder… is it my fate to meet these children again?” Professor Rowen looks out at the window. “Project Platinum… what a tragedy it was…”

To Be Continued
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4 years ago#5
Chapter 3: A Night of Farewells

I packed all my belongings that I think will be needed. My Bag, a journal, my trainer card, my pokedex and some other junk I might need.

As I head downstairs I see my mom already at the door waiting for me.

“I see you are heading out” Saurian’s Mom said “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah I’m going away to start on my journey. Ever since that event 10 years ago I wanted to become a Pokémon trainer and meet new Pokémon along the away”

“…Very well”. Saurian’s Mom through a pair of shoes at me. “If you’re going out then you would need those running shoes right?”

As I’m about to leave to leave I said “foster mom or not, thanks for everything you did for me” and shuts the door.

Saurian’s mom said to herself (I wonder if he will really find out what happened to his real parents and about himself too…)

“Lets go Exia! To Jubilife City! Pipluuuup!”

Pokémon! Pokémon!
It's all about the challenges.
It's a brand new game and a brand new world.
New rivals, as you fight for survival.
Nothing can stop you, Diamond and Pearl.
It's all about the battle.
You gotta play smart. You gotta move faster
Behind every win there's a chance to begin, again!
You gotta take it all if you wanna be a master...
It's time for adventure, Diamond and Pearl.
We can change the world.

To Be Continued
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4 years ago#6
Chapter 4: A Road to Greatness

After picking up a parcel for Barry I headed towards Jublife City. Of course I stop by Sandgem town and bought a few supplies for the road ahead. After that I headed towards route 202 where I saw Dawn catching a Bidoof.

“Hey Dawn wait up!” I said as I went towards her.

But I step on a wild Kricketot antenna (what was doing there anyway?) and started to attack me

“Oh so you wanted a fight huh? Exia I choose you!”

“Piplup! “

“Exia used pound!”

“Pipluuup!” By smacking the Pokémon a few times, Virtue the Kricketot was caught!

But when I look around Dawn was gone, looks like she’s avoiding me (T-T)

As I continue my journey towards Jubilife I battled trainers and wild Pokémon. Had a few close calls but had Exia learn Bubble!

“Hold on a minute if you’re going to Jubilife you have to go through me!”

“Hey you got some guts for a little kid, alright lets battle then. Virtue I choose you!” I said, throwing out the Pokeball

The Pokémon standing in front of Virtue was a Shinx

“Virtue use growl!” I said. “Shinx use tackle!” the kid responded

Shinx landed a direct hit on it but the impact was weaker

“Virtue keep on going!” “Shinx don’t let up!”

” Virtue kept on using growl to weaken Shinx attacks but Shinx still kept on tackling him.

(This isn’t working, I gotta start attacking!) “Virtue come back, Exia I choose you” “Piplup!”” Exia use pound!”

Piplup manages to slap shinx to unconsciousness and win the battle

“Alright I won!” I said with a victory sign. But I notice that both Exia and Virtue are exhausted and wanted a break…

(Hmm I should head to Jubilife’s Pokémon center now)

But as I head to the Pokémon center, I noticed Dawn heading to the trainer’s school. Maybe now I can ask why she’s avoiding me…

To Be Continued
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4 years ago#7
After rereading this i need to read it a lot more closely. Some of the words or sentences have a few errors which i should have noticed.
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4 years ago#8
We're all rather rusty when we first write a story. Oh, and to italicize, you do this.

< i > what you want to italicize < / i >

Just don't include the spaces.
"But in the end, the human soul will ever reach for the truth."-Samus Aran
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4 years ago#9
Chapter 5: Oh! Parcels and Poketechs and TMs. Oh My! (Part One)

As I entered the Pokémon trainer’s school (Which is pretty small for a big city), I managed to see Barry and Dawn reading in the liba… Wait Barry is Reading?!

“Barry is that really you?” I asked questionably

“Hm? Oh it’s you Saurian, yeah you see to be a good trainer Saurian, you will need to have…”

I pulled the book away to see a couple of doodles on a piece of paper. One of them was a picture of him and Dawn holding hands (Studying huh!)

“Alright, alright Saurian you caught me, happy? (annoyed is more likely) so what are you doing here anyway?”

I handed him the parcel from his mom

“Awesome thanks for delivering this map to me, and for that I’ll give you my spare one”

Barry and Saurian got a Town Map!

“Looks like our next destination would be Oreburgh City and we will be able to have our first gym battle! (Gym battle?) I meet you there…”

I turned around to see what he was looking at and noticed two students blocking our way

“You two…” One student said, “Won’t be going anywhere…” the other said, “…without a battle!”

“You ready Barry?” I said confidently. “Heh, you better not slow me down!” Barry said with a smirk

We both release our Pokémon, Exia and a Chimchar versus two Abras

“Exia use Bubble! Chimchar, Ember!” Both Pokémon launch their attacks on the Abras

“Heh, Abra use Teleport!”

In a flash the Abras disappear, and went behind our two Pokémon’s.


“Now, Hidden Power!”

The Abras started to gather energy!

Oh no you don’t!, Exia use Pound!, Chimchar use mach punch!

The two Pokémon turned around and use their respective attacks on the Abras. One hit and they were down! (Fragile Pokémon aren’t they?)

“For defeating us” One said, “…You get this TM” the other said, “…Hidden Power”

Barry and Saurian got Hidden Power!

To Be Continued
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4 years ago#10
Chapter 5: Oh! Parcels and Poketechs and TMs. Oh My! (Part Two)

“Alright Saurian, see ya later!” Barry said and with that he left in a flash

Sighing how impatient he was, I remember why I entered this place and looked around for Dawn… But looks like she left (T-T)

“Seems like there isn’t anything else for me to do in this town, might as well go to Oreburgh City…”


I turned around and see a clown running towards me

“You’re a Pokémon trainer and you aren’t wearing a Poketech?”

“Well I…”

“That’s unacceptable (he places a Poketech in my hand), so hear you go, bye!”

The guy hurries away to out of sight. “What’s wrong with him?” I look at the watch and the back says Galactic Enterprise Property and shrugged.

As the guy turned around to the corner, an ear piece started cracking

“Did you give him the watch?” the unknown speaker said

“Good now returned to Headquarters”

“Yes…” removes the clown outfit and reveals an unusual uniform. “All obey Team Galactic!”

To Be Continued
Exia (Piplup) Lv10, Virtue (Kricketot) Lv5
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